Our Manifesto

To create a following of critical mass, numbering thousands of parents with a shared vision of a world that places value on our children and acts to ensure their safety and wellbeing online.

Petitioning Governments, Businesses and NGO’s to assist, enshrine in law and enact a ban on minors using social media and related platforms.

To make parents aware, through articles, surveys, statistics and other means, of the dangers of unregulated access for minors to the internet.

Educate, Debate and then Legislate.

Time is of the essence here. Every moment that passes translates into another young life ruined either emotionally, sexually or worse yet, ended. It’s time to stop procrastinating, stop being apathetic, looking the other way or existing in ignorance. It’s time to take back our children’s lives.

Spread the hashtag, follow the site and most importantly, spread the word. Remember all we need are numbers.

There are over 200 million children on Facebook, that equates to at least 100 million parents. 1% gives us a voice of 1 million people with which to start the ball rolling.